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  • MCA Workshop: Understanding How Acute and Cumulative Stress and Trauma Can Affect Our Wellbeing in the Workplace and our Personal Lives

MCA Workshop: Understanding How Acute and Cumulative Stress and Trauma Can Affect Our Wellbeing in the Workplace and our Personal Lives

  • 09/17/2021
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting

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September 17, 2021
 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Understanding How Acute and Cumulative Stress and Trauma Can Affect Our Wellbeing in the Workplace and our Personal Lives

Part 1: (9:00 AM-10:15 AM)  Understanding How Acute and Cumulative Trauma Can Affect our Wellbeing

Part 2:  (10:30 AM-Noon) A Panel Presentation by Corrections Professionals Sharing their Experiences

Presented by:
Lydia Newlin,  DOC Staff Wellness, Peer Support and Trauma Response Director

Shawn Yurick, DOC Staff Wellness, Peer Support and Trauma Response Facility Navigator

Erik Ness, DOC Staff Wellness, Peer Support and Trauma Response Field Services Navigator

Panel of Facility and Field Services Colleagues (TBD)

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Registration will close at 4 p.m. on September 15th. 
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Workshop Goal

The goal of this workshop is: Provide participants information on how the work we do and trauma we witness, become aware of or experience can affect our overall wellbeing.  Participants will learn about the importance of self-awareness and importance of responding to workplace stress and trauma before the impact creates long-term negative effects on our physical, mental, spiritual, social, relational, or chemical wellbeing.   

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify specific workplace stressors or traumas that have the potential impact the lens we look at life through and possibly affect overall wellbeing.
  • Identify 3 tools to guide self-awareness around how trauma or workplace stress might be affecting overall wellbeing.
  • Use knowledge gained from the training to inform effective and personal approaches for responding to the effects of the trauma experienced or absorbed while doing corrections work.

Workshop Description

This workshop will discuss and highlight the specific contributors to stress and staff wellness in general but also during the pandemic. The presenter will provide strategies to identifying stress and wellbeing threats as well as support and resources for countering the effects of corrections trauma and fatigue.  The training will provide an opportunity to connect values and priorities to recognition of “when we might need a little support” and equip corrections staff with strategies they can use to move toward professional fulfillment individually and within a workplace culture.

Those that work in the corrections field know all too well that this work often takes a toll on staff’s well-being and functioning due to repeated exposure to multiple types of inherent occupational stressors—specifically, operational, organizational, and traumatic stressors. (NIC)  The pandemic has only exacerbated this. The presenters will not only highlight the unique stress and trauma that corrections staff experience, but also acknowledge what family members experience.  Most importantly, the presenters will highlight the importance of recognizing the effects, creating a sense of pride while not be defined by the work and the importance of wellbeing while doing this work so that we can live our best lives outside of the workplace. Finally, the presenters will provide an overview of the DOC Peer Support Program and importance of support for staff that do this work.

Presenter Bios

About Lydia


Lydia Newlin has with the State of MN for the past 28 years, 22 of those have been with the DOC.  She is the Peer Support, Staff Wellness and Staff Trauma Response Program Manager.  In that capacity, she oversees the various staff and peer support resources, such as the Peer Support Navigator Program and Critical Incident Stress Management Team within the agency as well as serves as the DOC liaison to the state employee assistance program. Lydia and her team respond to staff that experience incidents of workplace or personal trauma as well as cumulative trauma or stress.  Prior to her current role, she served as the agency’s Victim Services and Restorative Justice Program Director. Over the past 28 years, she supported countless corrections staff who were victimized while on duty and/or experiencing workplace stress or corrections fatigue and through those conversations, spent many hours talking with our DOC colleagues about the complex and unique needs of corrections professionals. Those needs varied from overall wellness and support to the importance of staff feeling appreciated and acknowledged for the important public service that our corrections family provide. Work which often goes unnoticed by the outside world, and sometimes even by one another. For the past two years, Lydia and her team have worked to develop a Wellness, Peer Support and Staff Trauma Response for the DOC that promotes healing and restoration in situations where staff are affected by acute or cumulative stress or trauma. Lydia states that she is “committed to placing just as much importance on overall wellness in the lives of corrections professionals so that every day of their career is fulfilled, pride-filled and healthy. If we do this, we are much more likely to return to our families and communities present and well at the end of our shifts, and at the end of our careers.”  Lydia obtained her Bachelor of Arts, Sociology from the University of St. Thomas and her Graduate degree in Public and Non-Profit Administration from Metropolitan State University.  She has served on several non-profit boards and is a national program development and training consultant.  


About Shawn

Shawn Yurick has worked as a Correctional Officer for over 29 years, most recently at MCF-Stillwater. For the past 18 months, Shawn has stepped away from being a corrections officer to serve as the “Facility Peer Support Navigator” for the DOC’s Wellness, Peer Support and Staff Trauma Response Program,” and has been instrumental in the development of the program.  Shawn states, “I am so proud of the work I do and the family that I am surrounded by. I am also very aware of the stress that comes from working in a correctional setting and with the responsibilities of being a husband, father, Pop Pop and friend. My goal is to assist staff with staying mentally and emotionally healthy so that they can be mentally, emotionally, and physically present both on the job and with their families. I also want to be there for staff when they need help dealing with issues, as we all do from time to time.” Shawn is dedicated to ensuring that corrections professionals are acknowledged as critical first responders and works tirelessly to collaborate with support systems and professional organizations that can support corrections staff across the state and profession.

About Erik      

Erik Ness has over 15 years of experience as a corrections agent, most recently in the MN DOC Moorhead District. In May, 2021, Erik joined the DOC Wellness, Peer Support and Staff Trauma Response Program as a Field Services Peer Support Navigator.  Erik states, “I have been humbled and excited for the opportunity to assist corrections staff with navigating stressors inherent to this profession. Mental health, physical health and overall wellbeing have been a focus of my entire adult life. My commitment to you and your colleagues is to offer support with navigating to and accessing support and services during times of personal and professional crisis, as well as being a proactive voice regarding overall wellness.”  Erik is a graduate of Valley City State University with a BS Degree in Education. He has served as the Deputy Chief Probation Officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor for Tri-County Community Corrections as well as a NW Minnesota Peer Support/CISM team member. Finally, Erik is a retired volunteer firefighter with over 20 years of service to my community.


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